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Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation in Colorado

Updated: Jan 15

Crawl spaces are often overlooked areas when it comes to thinking about insulation, energy savings, home care and your family’s health. There are a plethora of reasons you shouldn't neglect the area.

Per Energy Star:

“A properly sealed, moisture-protected, and insulated crawlspace will increase comfort, save on energy costs, improve the durability of the home, and reduce entry of moisture, radon, and other potential irritants or pollutants into the home.”

We’re positioned to help you mitigate the negative effects of a neglected crawl space. Our technicians are trained in proper insulation of ventilated and unventilated attics. They’ll install an airtight moisture and air barrier in your crawl space floor and work upwards to secure your thermal envelope. This will keep your energy bill low, your home protected from underground elements, and your family safe and healthy.

Call PIKA Insulation today at (720) 443-1014 for your free, no-obligation consultation and a fast, accurate quote.

Additional benefits for insulating your crawl space in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas.

  • Warmer floors.

    • No more freezing cold feet when you wake up in the morning.

  • Moisture control.

    • Moisture may be entering your home through your crawl space, contributing to the growth of mold and mildew. These problems only get worse with time and our vapor barriers will fix this before any issues develop.

  • Improved indoor air quality.

    • Indoor air is the air you breathe most. Crawl space insulation will help keep irritants like allergens, mold spores, dust, bacteria and more out of your air.

  • Keep pests out.

    • Termites, insects and more can enter your home through your crawl space. Insulating and sealing the space will keep them out.

  • Pipes stay safe and efficient.

    • Insulating your crawlspace will help with keeping pipes from freezing in the extreme cold we encounter every winter. It will also help those pipes to retain their temperature, further saving you on your energy bills.

What’s the Best Insulation Material for a Crawl Space?

Fiberglass batts are the most popular option for crawl space insulation. Typically, they are kraft(paper) faced. These are installed between any exposed rafters or joists on the ceiling of the crawl space. Viny-faced insulation is typically used for crawl space, as well as basement walls.

Loose fill insulation is less commonly used, but still highly effective for use in a crawlspace. A netting is put into place to hold the insulation in place between your framing. This is commonly referred to as a BIBS, “Blown In Blanket System”. BIBS has other applications as well, such as your home’s exterior walls.

Lastly, rigid foam board may be used in your crawl space. This is a more expensive method but achieves a similar R-value. The highest benefit of rigid foam board is that it is highly effective in reducing air infiltration (drafts) and moisture buildup in the area.

What’s involved in PIKA Insulation’s crawl space insulation process?

PIKA Insulation offers different services that can help with your crawlspace. These include:

  • Wall, joist and rim joist insulation installation

  • Air Sealing and Vapor Barrier

  • Pest and Rodent Proofing

Inspection of the crawl space

  • Measure dimensions

  • Check condition of floor, walls, joists, existing insulation (if any)

  • Check for moisture or any existing issues that may need to be mitigated prior to our work

  • Check for existing ventilation or if there’s a need for new vents

  • If there is piping in the crawlspace, it is recommended that the walls be insulated as well.


Now that we’ve had the opportunity to take detailed measurements and take a closer look at the work, we’re able to better account for what’s involved for the crawl space work. We’ll provide a more accurate estimate that should be equal to or close to the final cost of completing the work.


We will now work with you to determine the best time for us to come out to you, based on your available time. We work hard to be as accurate with our estimated time to completion so that we stay on plan and respect your time.

On-Site Preparation

Before beginning the actual work, we’ll perform any clean up that’s required for the crawl space insulation work. We’ll eliminate any standing water and let you know if there are any structural issues that can be resolved to help avoid further water issues. This may include us suggesting that your surrounding land be re-graded, a sump pump be installed, or your concrete be water-proofed to keep water away from your foundation and out of your crawlspace.

In addition, we will seal up any gaps in your joist and floor framing, rim joists, ceilings and walls. This will help to prevent air leaking into your home and help to prevent rodents and insects from traveling through the area.

Installation of Insulation

Now that we’ve prepped the area, leaving it clean, air sealed and rid of mold or rotted wood as necessary, it is ready for the installation. We follow manufacturer recommendations for all of our products, ensuring secure fit, complete coverage of all spaces, including between joists, wall corners, and rim joists and sills.

Vapor Barrier

Next, we install your vapor barrier. This component seals out any moisture from the outside and additionally protects the wood and wall insulation from degradation and rotting. This is strongly recommended for the longevity of the insulation, and as a measure to care for your home and prevent any other unwanted downstream effects.


Your home now has a well-insulated crawl space. You’ll save money on your energy bill, improve your indoor air quality, have any air leaks from the crawl space taken care of, protect from mold and pests, protect the environment, and protect your family.

Reach out to PIKA Insulation at (720) 443-1014 today to get your crawl space insulation upgraded started!

We’re a motivated bunch who have the passion, experience and technical know-how to help get your crawl space insulation project completed. Call us at (720) 443-1014 to schedule your free, no-obligation evaluation and estimate. Your home and family will be happy you called us.


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