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Basement Insulation

Adding or upgrading your basement insulation is an excellent investment in your home. Here are some of the best returns and benefits on basement insulation:

Benefits to Insulating Your Basement

Basements are often neglected areas when it comes to insulation. Insulating your basement will help reduce heat loss, keep your energy usage and costs lower, (especially if you have no insulation in your basement) and reduce air filtration especially in the high and dry desert climate of Colorado. Your investment will return increased comfort in your basement and home, and the costs will pay you back in a few years. 


Reduced Heat Loss Through Foundation

Heat flow moves into areas of your home that are cooler such as uninsulated basements until there is no difference in temperature between spaces. This mechanism can be felt the most during the winter months in Colorado when temperatures drop below freezing. Getting your basement insulated can help keep your home feeling warm and cozy while you enjoy a cup of joe or hot chocolate helping reach maximum relaxation.

Lower Heating Costs

Another major advantage to insulating your basement is lowering your monthly energy bill costs. Basement insulation essentially creates a barrier, which helps block heat transfers into the foundation and from passing through basement walls. This leads to heat staying protected within your home for longer periods of time, reducing the need to run your heater throughout the house. And whether your home uses a gas or electric heating system, you will find getting your basement insulated may lower your bill by 10% or more according to the Department of Energy. 

Impact On Overall Home Energy Efficiency

Insulating your basement is a crucial component to consider when establishing an effective home energy efficiency strategy within your residential ecosystem. Often overlooked, basements can significantly impact energy usage and costs, especially if left uninsulated. By investing in basement insulation, you not only enhance the comfort of your basement and entire home but also realize long-term returns on your investment within a few years. This, coupled with other measures such as air sealing, moisture control, ventilation, and HVAC system optimization, contributes to a more efficient energy usage strategy over time. The insulation addresses heat flow concerns and effectively lowers costs, aligning with the principles discussed earlier.

Reduced Air Infiltration

Insulation done properly can also reduce air infiltration, preventing cold air from entering the basement and warm air from escaping. This can be especially useful for cold winters that take place in the Denver Metro area and the rest of Colorado. And can be effective during the hot summer days when temperatures can reach 90+ degrees here in the state.


Moisture Management

Insulation services are often coupled with moisture mitigation services and techniques. This will help to prevent condensation moving through your basement into your wood framing, drywall and other areas. Consider that moisture can cause mold, mildew and unhealthy indoor air quality. 

Added Living Space

Insulating a basement is a great remodeling or renovation item. It helps to transform a cold basement to a usable space for your family and others. The added "finished" square footage increases your home's value, as the space can be used for bedrooms, entertainment, work areas and more.

Pipe Freeze Prevention

Properly installed insulation will help to maintain a desired temperature where your water pipes may be located. This can reduce the risk of pipes freezing during the winter, which in turn may save you headaches and costs in water damage and plumbing repairs. 

Local Climate Consideration

As we all know, living in Colorado means dealing with seasonal weather changes. It’s a big part of why we are all here and why many of us don’t ever see ourselves leaving. It’s a beautiful state filled with snowy winters and warm summers in the front range. Sometimes we have to deal with extreme temperatures, which may keep us from going out and staying inside our homes. Your home protects you and takes all the impact of these seasonal weather changes, and not providing the proper insulation can cause you discomfort in your home. Basement insulation and getting your entire house insulated can lead to more comfort and enjoyment while staying indoors. Please consider getting your home insulated. Contact us to learn more about home insulation at 720-443-1014

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