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Attic Insulation

In Denver, Colorado

Attic and ceiling insulation is highly effective and important item when it comes to energy efficiency and comfort inside your home. Scroll down to learn more or click below to set up an attic evaluation.

Cozy Winter

Highly Effective

Attic and ceiling insulation is considered a high priority area. The main reason for this is that heat rises, meaning there is significant heat loss through the roof. By insulating the attic, you stop your heated or cooled air from escaping from above. Blocking this heat flow path is critical for energy efficiency.

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Building Codes and Standards

Attic insulation is subject to building codes, which may vary by county or city. Typically, attic insulation requirements are the most stringent because of the importance of the space. PIKA Insulation is familiar with code compliance and can help ensure the correct installation is performed.

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Attic insulation is usually the most cost effective insulation project you can complete. This is because the attic is typically very accessible and does not require drilling any holes through walls. Due to the installation process and equipment used, it's also possible quickly to blow-in large quantities of fiberglass in an attic.

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Venitlation Importance

Attic and ceiling insulation go hand in hand with proper venitlation. This is crucial to prevent mold, mildew, air quality and home health problems. Properly ventilating your attic and ceiling spaces helps to optimize the performance of your attic insulation system.


Versatility of Insulation Materials

Attics are highly versatile for what type of insulation to install. They can utilize batts, rolls, loose-fill (blown-in) and spray foam. This allows options and the benefits of those options to be weighed against each other.

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Environmental Impact

Due to the effectiveness of attic and ceiling insulation at improving your energy efficiency, it's one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Well insulated attics and ceilings minimize demand for energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions associated with home heating and cooling.

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